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WORLD PEACE through Full Employment

A new kind of social enterprise called Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise or RISE is now invented and brought to the attention of the world that has a mechanism which can provide jobs infinitely. It follows a philosophy that making a living is also part of our human rights to complete a broader sense of fundamental human rights. Such function of RISE will react to the market and restore a viable living environment for people as a response. Fighting in the market will subside. RISE will help reestablish domestic economy of a place to reach full employment. When the condition full employment is fulfilled for all places, conflicts among nations will reduce and fighting in the field will subside. World Peace is attainable.


Fundamental Human Rights

Under the Sun, all creatures have the right to live. It is the Great Nature to honour every creature its right of living. Further, it is the Great Nature to establish a viable living environment in a natural way for all things to make a living. Existence of all things means the existence of the Great Nature. There is a co-existence relationship between the Great Nature and all things live freely. The human species is one among all things. Therefore, human beings’ right of living should be honoured too in a way to make a living on his own. No wonder about it. Right to make a living should be a part of our human rights. It arrives at fundamental human rights of a greater sense.


Viable Living Environment

There is a serious problem of poverty around the world. The problem is structural. That means something wrong with the world economy intrinsically. Today in this business world, we are all looking at the way to create jobs and establish a living environment through establishing a good business environment. However, business environment and living environment are not equal. A good business environment only facilitates the businessman to do commercial business. Businessmen legally have no duty to do anything other than making profit by the law. The strong will survive and the underprivileged will hurt. In a way, severe competition is hurting the living environment of the poor. They are left out of the business world but they have to live. They are deprived of their right to make a living, therefore they are poor. It is a broader sense of monopolization which monopolizes opportunities of other people to live. It is unnatural and caused by the people ourselves. It violates the fundamental human rights of the poor. RISE is an instrument intended to patch this loophole and to restore a viable living environment for everybody to honour everyone his right to make a living.


Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise

Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise, abbreviated to RISE, is a new genre of social enterprise to ensure there is always a corner in the market for people to survive so that all people can work and make a living.

RISE is to serve as a tension reliever against the current free market system to relieve the tension created by monopolization or market extremism. It is a natural response to react and consequently to weaken such monopolization or extremism. This concept of RISE is derived from some very ancient Chinese philosophy which recognizes making a living is part of our undeniable human rights. RISE has its special capability to create and provide jobs infinitely beside private enterprises in order to compensate for deficiency of the current free market theory. RISE will have a co-existence relationship with people. When it survives, people will survive, and when people survive, RISE will survive.

Unlike ordinary social enterprises, RISE has a rather large business size providing jobs to top up the labour market to fulfill the goal of full employment. There will be no competition among RISEs and further the alliance of RISEs will have huge multiplier effect to benefit society. Like NGO, RISE has its entire social mission. But unlike NGO, RISE is also profit making and basically is no different from any ordinary private enterprises. The nature of RISE is only to assist local people to establish local business to vitalize domestic economy. Society benefits most.

RISE works as if a balance in the market. First, it is profit making but its profit will go back to the public. Second, it serves as a mother platform for ordinary business. Third, RISE has its poverty monitoring system and reacts like the immune system. RISE sees a world without boundaries. RISE sees the world as ONE human body and acts like an organic system to circulate capital around all places to reach everyone like circulating bloods in our body in a natural way. When every local economy is healthy and everyone can make a living everywhere at home, there will be no reason for war anymore.

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