Tsing Tsuen Park

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20201225 Tsing Tsuen Park

The bay here in Tsuen Wan is just the right size for many new action-pack entertainments and provide an arena to host many new regular or annual events. It will be possible to host powerboat racing, acrobatic skiing competition, water carnivals or even Aqualympic Games every year here featuring all kinds of fun-pack water sports and all kinds of racing on water like jet-board racing, jet-board acrobatic acts contest, water-motorcycle racing, water-motorcycle acrobatic acts contest, acrobatic water skiing contest, outdoor swimming contest, jet-board rugby, water rugby, water hockey, canoe ball, water-motorcycle ball, bouncing volleyball, raft racing, DIY raft racing, water scooter racing, water bike racing, water cycling race, special triathlon, Floralane running race, stair climbing race, etc.

It will mean several direct permanent jobs for the people of Hong Kong with just the NT South of The Park alone, not to mention those jobs created by secondary new business and existing local business.

The Park will be admission free of course and everybody is welcome. It is all due to the open concept that this proposal adopts. Everybody will be free to go anywhere and have fun without paying anything. No one would be shut out of the gate. People will also be welcome to enjoy the charged facilities if they like it. The whole setup is just like an electric circuit switched on to keep the current flow. It is not an amusement park or a theme park but the overtone of “Kiss Our Environment” will ring around everywhere. It will just provide a well-managed natural environment for people to enjoy sunshine, water, fresh air and mountains. It will be just extraordinary for people to enjoy so many different experiences in such a tiny city behind the majestic voluptuous scenic harbor. It will be a lot of fun.

If SkyLink is the switch, then Tsing Tsuen Park will be the battery to power up the whole circuit. In fact, this scheme will just unveil the treasure over many forgotten and deserted places in Tsuen Wan, Wong Tai Sin, Diamond Hill, Tsz Wan Shan, San Po Kong, Tai Wai, Sha Tin, Sham Shui Po and almost the entire area to the north of Tai Mo Shan.

Tsing Tsuen Park Pier Complex

This pier complex will be not just for the ferry. It will include: Hall of Kiss Our Environment, Tourist Information Centre, Infirmary, SkyDome Ticketing Office, Roof Top Café, Ferries to Ma Wan, Central, and other outlaying islands, A public landing step for the dolphin watch and outbound fishing

Hall of Kiss Our Environment

This will be a museum showing how to turn this love canal of Tsuen Wan Bay into heaven and the development of The Park. The theme will be to invite people to respect the environment.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

It will be located next to the pier complex. This will be a place over the sea by the seashore encircled by floating platforms and the bottom will be protected by a grid-base. This can be developed to be a water-fun-land for children with a daycare centre.


This will be the boardwalk from Tsuen Wan to Ting Kau to serve as: 1)A beach without sand for walking, swimming, sunbathing, etc., 2)An open exhibition corridor, 3)The spectator zone of any large scale of water activities, 4)It will continue to extend to Sham Tseng after Ting Kau Beach.

TUBE (TingKau Under-Boardwalk Express)

This under-water tourist train beneath the boardwalk will be comprised of two lanes. The fast one will feature a time tunnel and the slow one will feature the live undersea view.

Café Del Mar

This will be a café located at Ting Kau with the scene of Ting Kau Bridge

Waterside Café

This will be a café by the waterfront all around the bay.

Floating Café

This will be a café virtually on the water all over the entire bay area. There will be enough small floating platforms to serve as the “sitting booths” will be all over the bay. The guests can enjoy their privacy under the sky. The serviceman will ride on a water-motorcycle coming to serve you. A small number of floating bars in the middle of the sea will be serving people swimming or rowing there.

Tsing Ma Bridge

It is there now.

Tsing Ma Bridge Viewing Terrace

It is there but it is now too remote to go there.

Mid-hill Shopping Arcade

This will be an extension of the Tsing Ma Bridge Viewing Terrace with escalators and staircases down to the seafood arena and up to the hilltop.

Ting Kau Bridge

It is there now.

Ferry to Ma Wan

There is existing ferry service between Tsuen Wan and Ma Wan for local commuting. In fact, the ferry line is an enjoyment of the scenery.

Ferry to Central

This ferry service will revive to provide connection between Tsing Tsuen Park and Central.

Approach Bay

This will provide people the fun of canoeing, water-cycling, rowing, etc.

Wala wala

This will be the revival of the traditional sampan service to cross the sea between Ting Kau and Tsing Yi Island

Sea Food Arena

This will be a large sea food restaurant near the Ting Kau Bridge on Tsing Yi.


This will be a road from the Ting Kau Bridge to Tsing Yi MTR Station gardening with azalea and bauhinia. It is possible to have the similar fashion over the nearby hillside.

Floralane Resort Hotel

It is possible to have some resort hotel establishment somewhere along FloraLane.

New Shelter Area

The shelter area including the abattoir, cargo working area all the way to the abandoned incineration plant will have a new face.

Yellow Submarine

This will be the submarine tour to tour around under the sea waving hello to the TUBE riders. The submarine base will be somewhere by Tsing Yi seashore.

The Diamond Bracelet

This will be a convertible audience stand for a capacity of a few thousands along the coast of Tsuen Wan over the concave part near Riviera Gardens. The audience stand will be facing Ting Kau Bridge. It will be decorated with enough suitable lighting to shine like a sparkling diamond bracelet in the dark. During the day, a set of white convertible shades of the shape of a flying seabird will be stretching wide to cover the audience stand like a flock of herons hovering up to the sky. The leading group will be over on top of the roof-top café of the pier complex.


The bay area in front of the Diamond Bracelet will turn into an arena for all kinds of water shows like acrobatic circus on water, water acts and water musicals. Sky is the limit.