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Paid Voluntary Service

Paid Voluntary Service, abbreviated to PVS, is another second-tier business of RISE. It is also one of the ways for its profit to go back to the public. There are many needs in society that require lots of temporary manpower to serve on an irregular basis. Some of them give rise to an NGO to provide related service. Yet, many of them may be seen as chores too minor to have an established organization to provide services and may be left to volunteers.

Yet, it is fair for service to deserve its value or paid back. This Paid Voluntary Service is not exactly voluntary. All these minor chores can be put together and we can turn them into a functional mechanism to provide opportunities of making a living. People can earn what they deserve while they are helping to make a better home out of the city with their services.

social credit system

RISE will set up a PVS Fund to support the social credit system. Anyone who joins this program will earn social credits for their service. These social credits will be deposited and saved with interest in the social credit bank which is supported and guaranteed by the PVS Fund.

When anyone reaches his retirement age, he can redeem his social credit deposit in cash, say, 1 social credit for 1 dollar. It can be regarded part of his retirement fund. Meanwhile, people can continue to leave their social credits in the social credit bank to redeem them at a later time when they feel they like it this way. The retired senior citizens can continue to serve these PVS services. That means this can be an income source for them after retirement.

On the other hand, when anyone is suspended from work and becomes unemployed temporarily, they will be entitled to redeem his social credit deposit in cash if he feels he needed. Meanwhile, he will receive his social credits in cash for his PVS services during his unemployment. PVS opens a door for all people to make a living as the last resort and the door is always open. That does not mean to replace social welfare by the government. It is only a top up. Anyway, it is very possible for the temporarily unemployed to find a job from the ordinary market or from RISE very quickly. New PVS service can be created anytime to suit the needs.

When PVS is established, some regular services provided by existing NGOs may be included in the PVS program. Social credits for these services can be redeemed in cash on a schedule base like salary.

Social Functions of Full Employment

1) With the set-up of RISE, there will be more variety of businesses. With the PVS program as the last resort, everyone in the labour force of a city will share the benefit of the success of local economy. It is the philosophy of ONE to enable that no one will be left out. The labour force will reach a state of equilibrium. The local economy will reach a state of equilibrium too. By then, wages will be self-adjusted automatically. All people can earn enough for their basic living. Setting of minimum wage will not be necessary. The government has to safeguard this philosophy of ONE.

2) Prices of goods or service will be also adjusted automatically to cover all costs. Social cost will be reduced consequently.

3) Due to equilibrium of labour force, people will have more choices of jobs and professions to choose. That will help to build up moral integrity of the market. Unlawful or immoral businessmen will reduce.

4) More people are satisfactory with their jobs and their work. Loitering people will reduce. Crime will reduce.

5) Everybody can make a living. More people will observe their social responsibility to safeguard the city they live.

6) Due to equilibrium of labour force, there will be no cheap labour or underpaid. Job discrimination will vanish.

7) The problems of illegal workers, child labour, or even people trafficking will be tackled if the philosophy of ONE is observed.

8) The expense on social welfare and social cost will reduce. It will enable the government to spend more on elderly care or even result in a tax cut.